Common Core Standards – Frequently Asked Questions

Common Core Standards pic
Common Core Standards

Adam Wies is a California-based high school English teacher. Adam Wies has taught at both private and public schools in California and has experience creating material compliant with both California state standards and national Common Core standards.

The Common Core has become the national standard for grade-level achievement in America. Currently, 42 states and the District of Columbia use Common Core standards, and additional states will adopt the standards in the near future.

Do Common Core standards dictate what teachers can teach?
Common Core does not dictate a specific curriculum, only benchmarks that students need to reach. For example, the standards might state that students need to be at a certain reading fluency level, but they do not list which books students must read to attain said fluency.

Does Common Core have standardized tests?
States still create their own tests to measure student achievement, though many states are moving toward working together to develop increasingly standardized exams.

How were the Common Core standards developed?
Standards were developed using evidence from scholarly research, surveys, and test scores, and by comparing the success of American students to international trends.


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