Dickens Novels as Verse For Students and Teachers

Dickens Novels as Verse pic
Dickens Novels as Verse
Image: amazon.com

Adam Wies works as a high school English teacher and speaks on Charles Dickens’ body of work at various universities. “Dickens Novels as Verse” is a collection of literary comments on Charles Dickens’ books, and Adam Wies was one of the people who reviewed numerous portions of the text.

Written by Joseph P. Jordan, “Dickens Novels as Verse” suggests a different take on how Dickens’ work is perceived. Although it is a detailed dissection of the author’s writing patterns, Jordan also emphasizes that the experience of reading the novels can be likened to reading lyric poems.

For students and teachers, “Dickens Novels as Verse” can be used as accompanying literature to the novels because of its diverse approach to literary criticism. It includes three chapters that discuss the writing strategies for three of Dickens’ later novels, as well as discussions about patterns within the books and an analysis of Jordan’s point of view. The material can be used for academic discussion and may serve as a reference for examples of the use of literary devices, writing styles and themes.


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