1444075712_Adam WiesOver the course of his teaching career, Adam Wies has provided individualized support and differentiated instruction to many students. He entered the profession following receipt of his bachelor of arts from Menlo College, where he focused on child and adolescent psychology and motivation. Granted a teaching credential in English, Adam Wies went on to provide both standard and targeted instruction at Palo Alto Preparatory School, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton School, and the Leadership Public Schools of San Jose, California. He received his master of arts in English with an emphasis on literature in 2010 and now teaches at the Roosevelt School in Redwood City, California.

Also a guest lecturer at the college level, Adam Wies most recently gave a keynote address at the University of California, Berkeley. There, he discussed the use of rhetorical tropes and schemes in the prose of Charles Dickens. Mr. Wies also engaged in discussions on Dickens’ use of rhetorical and literary strategies, instructed students to examine Shakespeare’s use of meteorological metaphor, and led discussions on the rhetorical effects of zeugma in Henry V. He has presented similar lectures at Skyline Junior College and Notre Dame de Namur University, which led to student examinations of rhetoric in Dickens and Henry Howard at both institutions.


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